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DABS continues to upgrade energy infrastructure to provide more electricity to Afghanistan


Kabul, August 26, 2016: Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS), the national electricity utility company, is actively working to bring power to all of Afghanistan.  DABS is currently making upgrades to the Kajaki Hydroelectric Power Plant, including the installation of a third turbine.  The plant is the primary source of electricity for Kandahar and Helmand provinces. DABS is also repairing transmission lines from Kajaki to Helmand and Kandahar in order to insure that the additional power generated at Kajaki can be transmitted reliably to the cities and villages in which it will be used.    

In order to proceed with these upgrades, the entire Kajaki Hydropower Plant has been shut down since August 6th.  DABS  is purchasing diesel fuel to provide a back-up supply of power to its customers and will continue to do so until the power is back online. The Kajaki Power Plant upgrades are on schedule and customers in Kandahar and Helmand can expect increases in power starting early-November.

“Once the third unit is operational, 18.5MW of additional power will be available.  Along with the repairs to the electricity lines from Kajaki to Kandahar, the supply and reliability of electricity to Kandahar and Helmand provinces will be significantly improved,” said Mr. Qudratullah Delawari, Chief Executive Officer with DABS.  

DABS is also working to expand the Northern Electrical Power System (NEPS), which will increase the amount of imported power from Turkmenistan to the southern and southwestern provinces, and Kabul.  Additionally, DABS is constructing transmission spur lines to bring power to Bamyan and other central provinces.  For more information on DABS electricity projects in your area, please go to www.dabs.af/news.

DABS will continue to upgrade energy infrastructure to increase the amount and reliability of electricity to customers across Afghanistan.  Please assist DABS by conserving energy use throughout the summer months and paying electricity bills on time.