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DABS reveals the names of major electricity bill defaulters in Kabul


Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS), the national electricity utility company of Afghanistan, revealed the names of the major electricity bill defaulters of Kabul city, who failed to clear the outstanding electricity bill from many cycles. The list constitutes of 73 customers who have defaulted from a minimum of AFN 100, 000 to more than a million AFN to DABS.

“The defaulters with more than AFN 100,000 can pay their bills through an installment process that DABS has set up,” said Mr. Wahidullah Tawhidi, Media Director and Spokesperson, DABS.

Mr. Tawhidi added, “This defaulters list has been prepared as per the Presidential Decree. The list will be sent to Attorney’s Office for prosecution of the defaulters, in case the customers fail to pay the outstanding in the next one month”.

Mr. Muhib-ul-Rahman Momand, Chief of Kabul Breshna stated that they have warned the defaulters many times in the past to pay the bills but have not received response from many.

The outstanding amount to DABS as per the list is that government organizations owe AFN 1.6 billion, commercial institutions owe AFN 773 million and residential customers owe AFN 974 million. the residential owe consist of AFN 700 million is the outstanding amount of those residential customers who have denied clearing their bills and AFN 247 million is the outstanding amount of those properties, which were destroyed due to re-location caused by building of roads.

DABS will soon prepare and reveal the names of electricity bill defaulters of provinces, in a week’s time.

Kabul, October 17, 2016