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Mutual Cooperation between DABS and Polytechnic University


Agreement between DABS and Polytechnic University has signed for the purpose of improving cooperation and implementing practical, theoretical and research activities.

This agreement has signed by both Officials Mr. Qudratullah Delwari the CEO of DABS and Mr. Eng Mohammad Sayed Kakar, chief of this university.

The DABS and Kabul Polytechnic University aim to improve the boundaries of research and also to enhance knowledge, by consulting expert officials, researchers and also to promote capabilities and research in organizations.

The agreement signed for improve national capability in problem solving and get expertise to be self-sufficient.  

Execution of this agreement in all sectors for enhance research, employment, capacity building, and internship for students and employee of DABS, short term training session for enhancing the capacity of DABS employees, cooperation and support of diploma project across bachelor and master degree with the research needs and other beneficial aspects.

This agreement has signed In seven articles and two copies by head of two Organization parties.