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21 Villages of Badpakh, Laghman Will Be Illuminated


As Committed, distribution of electricity to distant locations of Afghanistan, DABS will extend its services to near 3500 customers of 21 villages, Badpakh District, Laghman.

This project, costing 2,176,299 US Dollars will be granted through DABS Development Projects Unit producing total amount 3.472 MW electricity.

In 2013, design and survey stage of mentioned project had been completed by engineers of Nengarhar Breshna.

The substation located in Abdul Rahman mountain cliff, Naghlo is 26km away from the last pole located in Badpakh District. 1771 transformers of 9 meter poles capable of 20KW and 21 transformers of different capabilities are needed. Presently, project status: 48% completed.

Moreoever, projects alike are under operation in different parts of country.