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Naghlu Dam’s power generating capacity raises to 100 MW


12th June 2016: 1,492,848 USD valued project contract which was about Advising and supervising from rebuilding of first machine and major restoration of third machine of Naghlu Dam, was signed in Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) between “DABS” and “MAX HELIOS” company.

This amount which will be provided from World Bank (WB) grants, includes 12 months of advising and supervising from all tasks of rebuilding Naghlu Dam’s machines which will be done by “INTER RAO” company.

The 6.6 million USD valued contract of rebuilding first machine, major restoration of third machine and providing necessary equipment for the machines of Naghlu Dam was signed around six months ago between “DABS” and “INTER RAO” company.

By completion of this project power generating capacity of Naghlu dam will raise from 75 MW to 100 MW and electricity problems of thousands of compatriots will be solved.