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10 MW Solar Power Project Inaugurated in Kandahar

DABS inaugurated 10MW solar power project in industrial park of Kandahar due to insufficient power, had contract with Dynasty international Indian investor company.

The mentioned project cost 20 million USD dollar; 10 million USD dollar of it funded by USAID and the remaining will fund by Dynasty Company.

It remarkable that, mention project has been signed between DABS and USAID, so by this con.... Read More

DABS CEO Message
CEO Dear Compatriots, Maintenance, expansion, renovation and accurate management process of electricity and also distribution and revenue collection of it, all across our country, are the responsibilities and duties of Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat. All the offices and employees of Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat are trying to make sure that all afghan citizens have access to electricity (the master key of civilization). If today comes the idea of globalization and industrial community so electricity plays a key role above all things for becoming an industrial community.Dear citizens, .....Read More

The contract of Nurljahad substation

Eng. Amanullah Ghalib, chief executive officer of DABS, has been sing the contract of Nurljahad substation (Herat) with Design Co LTD C..... Read More


In Kabul 30MW solar power plant on the roofs get completed

The construction work of 30KW generative solar power plant has been progress on the roof of new residencebuild of DABS that in near fut..... Read More


500 KW Power Transmission line of DashtAlwan to Arghani Is on Progress

DABS have the obligation in electrification section in far and near points of the country, DABS will benefit about one million subscrib..... Read More


Ghand Mahi substation will be put into operation in near future

The construction work of 220/20KW substation,Ghandmahi district of Ghazni province gone ahead 98% that in near future will put into operation.

..... Read More


In Herat 2MW Solar Energy and Windy Power Energy get inaugurated

Solar energy and windy power project which totally this project consists 2 MW electricity it officially opened in Herat.

Through these, 1700 KW (1.7 ..... Read More


Progress of 220KW Transmission Line of Ghazani - Kandahar

The construction work of 220 KW transmission line of Ghazni_Kandahar has running quickly.

The contract of this project has been s..... Read More





BaghlanBreshna new chief has been introduced

Eng. Sultan Ahmad Azizi appointed as a chief of BaghlanBreshna, he introduced officially to all staff of company from deputies of commercial ..... Read More


Discussion between chief executive officer of DABS with deputy of technology and logistics of Defense Ministry on Power extension line in ministry bases

Eng.AmanullahGhalib, chief executive officer of DABS discussed with General …… GhulamSakhi deputy of technology and logistics supplies of defin..... Read More


2500 Taliqan subscribers get connect to renewable energy

Taliqannetwork power increased from 50 to 120 that 5500 subscribers benefited fromhigh quality of power.

The t..... Read More