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Mr. Amanullah Ghalib

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mr. Amanullah Ghalib, born on 1 Saratan, 1359 Hijri (22 June 1980), is son of the late Professor Habibullah Ghalib, 


the former Minister of Justice and appointed Chief Justice of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Mr. Ghalib is an engineer by profession. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, from Brunel University in London, United Kingdom and a Master of Science degree in Sustainable Power Generation from the same university. He attended high and middle school at Harrow College in London and primary school in a private school in Peshawar, Pakistan. Mr. Ghalib, having over a decade of professional experience and background in Afghanistan and abroad, has developed an exceptional proficiency and know-how in management and administration and has demonstrated his ability to successfully apply technical knowledge to practical contexts during his years of service as a technical consultant in London and later worked as the Director of the Renewable Energy Department (RED) of the Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW). He has played a significant role in designing and drafting policies related to energy and renewable energy, and the energy services law in Afghanistan. Mr. Ghalib has successfully managed various projects and programs and persistently led RED during his incumbency as director and advisor. The energy sector and the renewable energy sector in particular, have witnessed some visible improvements during his term in office. Here’s a look at some of the impressive achievements under his tenure:Development of an Action Plan in line with the work plan of the MEW’S Energy Deputation and in accordance with the renewable energy sect

or strategy towards fulfilling the envisaged goals and vision for Afghanistan Study and identify the renewable sources potential of energy Review and analyze proposed renewable energy incentive programs for Afghanistan Coordinate between all governmental and non-governmental organizations active in the field of renewable energy in the country Initiate various programs for public awareness on the use of renewable energy Prepare proposals designed to provide sustainable energy in rural areas and villages of the country in collaboration with the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development Provide technical informational data on renewable energy sources for MEW and other involved organizations

Regular participation in regional and international meetings and conferences convened on electrification of remote areas, providing technical recommendations for the development of appropriate policies and guidelines and strategic plans for electrification of different provinces

Organize and coordinate various events both at national and international level, including workshops, conferences, professional courses and trainings and other learning activities

Initiate and supervise the design and development of Afghanistan’s Renewable Energy Resource Potential Maps (including solar, wind, biomass and MHP)

Initiate plans for 10 MW hybrid solar PV-hydro system project in Kabul, the solar system in Kandahar, and the first investment portfolio of the REN projects with a total capacity 100 MW in twenty provinces of the country

Present a set of proposals, including waste-to-energy production, renewable energy parks or centers, rooftop solar PV system, and the 10 MW wind energy project in Herat

Prepare informational documents for various renewable energy projects

Initiate the first ever renewable energy magazine and the renewable energy website,

Establishment of the Renewable Energy Information Center or database for all renewable energy projects across the country, and

Implementation of the first 3 kW grid-tie solar pilot projects in Afghanistan

In addition to the above, after completion of his professional education in the UK and before returning to Afghanistan, Mr. Ghalib worked as an electrical engineer in an engineering consulting company in London, UK between 2007 and 2010, where he has been responsible for the design, implementation and monitoring of numerous power engineering projects.

Mr. Ghalib has also participated and represented Afghanistan in numerous bilateral and multilateral meetings, discussion and other formal gatherings with focus on the issue of energy and renewable energy, at regional, international and inter-governmental level.

Mr. Ghalib is a member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) and (CIBSE) and a focal point of the Government of Afghanistan in the field of renewable energy with several national and international organizations, including SAARC, IRENA and ECO.