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DABS Energy Policy


The energy policy of Afghanistan is largely guided by country's high energy deficit and increased focus on developing alternative sources of energy, particularly solar and wind energy. The outline and design of policy is prepared by the DABS commercial department with the help of Operations and Finance departments. The objective of the policy is to lay down the key terms and conditions between the customer and DABS for sale of power and energy.

The following are some of the key information of the DABS Energy sale policy:

Residential Tariff: This tariff is for all those Customers using electricity for residential purposes.

Non Residential Tariff: This includes all government organizations, non-government organization (domestic and foreign), small manufacturer firms, commercial centers, religious, educational and cultural places, unions, associations etc.

Agriculture Tariff: This tariff is only for those customers who are using electricity for cultivation of land, agriculture, and gardening.

Industrial Tariff:This tariff is for LPU and medium customers who are counted as industrial customer according to some conditions define in DABS Energy Sales Policy.

Large Power Users (LPU): These Customers consume large quantity of electricity for the purpose of establishing industries, business etc.

Medium Customers: These Customers consume average quantity of electricity for the purpose of establishing small industries, small companies and small business units etc.

Small Customers: These Customers consume less quantity of electricity for the purpose of residential and also small commercial purpose.

Release of a New Service Connection to Customer:

DABS’ Customer is defined as an individual or business owner who legally purchases electricity from DABS and has an authorized Service Connection. Having below documents are compulsory for having a new service connection:

Non-Standard Equipment and Installation by Non-Technical Team:

LPU Customers should ensure that the equipment installed for new service connection meets all industry standards. In case, they install non-standard or poor quality equipment in the DABS network, they (Customers) will be responsible for any complication or damage or fault. DABS will collect from LPU Customers loss compensation of disconnection of lines (for the time taken for transformer and equipment repairs and restoration) based on the medium voltage line load.

Technical Feasibility by DABS while changing the category of power distribution equipment of LPU:

If Customers want to change power supply category or renew /change the periphery of the LPU installation, he / she should take approval from DABS on the technical feasibility.

Handing Over Equipment of Private Transformers:

If the LPU Customer of a township has sold all apartments, houses and shops  to individuals, the network equipment like transformer, line, supports will no longer belong to the Customer and they will not have any rights and authority on these equipment even if all the network and transformers were procured and installed by Customer for  Township.   These equipment will be considered as DABS property and Customer can’t claim or request for refund/cost for the equipment. The Customer should guarantee performance of all these equipment for 3 years.

DABS will assign a technical commission to estimate the price these equipment according to the market rates by considering the depreciation and record the estimated value of equipment as asset of DABS in asset management register. After handing over of these equipment and recording in DABS asset register, maintenance of these equipment will be DABS responsibility. The individual owners of the township can start processing their documents (Customer Service Forums and contract) for conversion to small Customers of DABS.

Transmission & Distribution Lines, Transformers, Meter Installation and Maintenance:

Transmission & Distribution Lines, Transformers, Meter Installation and Maintenance up to meter box is the responsibility of DABS. From meter box up to customer house is the responsibility of Customer.

Delay in Transformers Connection to DABS network:

In the following circumstances, there could be a delay in connecting the private transformers to DABS network.

Meter Installation and Location of Meter Box:

The meter should be installed in the meter box and meter box location will be selected by DABS and will be accessible to DABS operations and meter reading staff.

Disconnecting of Power While Shortage or Insufficiency Power:

DABS staff has the right to disconnect any MV feeder, transformer, transformer circuit, or specific customer in case of power shortage or any technical issue in the transmission and distribution system without any intimation or notice to customers.

Disconnecting of Distribution Lines and Transformers in Normal Conditions:

DABS has the authority to disconnect the distribution line of customer by giving a prior notice, under the following conditions:

 Specific Conditions:

Customer is responsible to immediately contact DABS under the following conditions:

 Supply of Energy:

DABS will not supply energy as per below mentioned reasons: