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Sorbi triple energy Factories production in 1399 year
Sorbi triple energy Factories (Naghlu, Sorbi, Mahipar) production which provides 50% Hydro power Afghanistan. DABS have raised they production of hydro power with right management of water and taking care of the Factories. The total production of triple Factories in 1399 are as follows: Naghlu 46,224 MW; Sorbi 175694,13 MW; Mahipar 175163 MW. Total power production in 1399 year in mentioned factories is 811081,13 MW. .... Read More
DABS CEO Message
CEO Dear Compatriots, Maintenance, expansion, renovation and accurate management process of electricity and also distribution and revenue collection of it, all across our country, are the responsibilities and duties of Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat. All the offices and employees of Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat are trying to make sure that all afghan citizens have access to electricity (the master key of civilization). If today comes the idea of globalization and industrial community so electricity plays a key role above all things for becoming an industrial community.Dear citizens, .....Read More

DABS CEO meeting with the elders of Tagab District
The elders of the Tagab district of Kapisa province met with Ahmad Daud Noorzai, Chief Executive Officer of Afghanistan Breshna. During the meeting, comprehensive discussions were ..... Read More


The Acting Minister of Finance met with the CEO of DABS
Acting Minister of Finance Mohammad Khalid Payenda met with Ahmad Daud Noorzai, CEOof Afghanistan Breshna During the meeting, the two sides discussed the process of implementing th..... Read More


22 Other qualified candidates of LAIQ included group interviews
The abilities and skills of these volunteers were evaluated today in four separate groups by the joint teams of Breshna Afghanistan and the Administrative Reform and Civil Service ..... Read More


President speaks with Siemens officials on Afghanistan's digital infrastructure development
The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, discussed the creation of a comprehensive approach to the development of digital infrastructure in Afgh..... Read More

Electricity in Takhar province was reconnected
Electricity in Takhar province was reconnected with the help of provincial officials and elders of Takhar and Kunduz by high voltage employees of DABS. The Board of Directors of Af..... Read More

220 kV Kabul-Ghazni power line was cut off
The 220 kV Kabul-Ghazni power line in the area of Dasht-e-Top was cut off due to the war, as a result of which four electricity poles were destroyed and as a result, the city of Gh..... Read More

Group interview with LAIQ program applicants
Group interviews continues, the mutual team of DABS and IARCSC have interviewed 15 applicants who have passed the primary step and phone interview phase. In this interview, the abi..... Read More

Efforts are underway to repair imported electricity in Ghazni province
A 220 kV power line to Ghazni in the Sayedabad area has been affected, as a result of which the province's electricity has been cut off. Ghazni high voltage technical staff is look..... Read More

Reduction in Uzbek electricity
Dear subscribers, Uzbekistan has reduced its electricity exports to Afghanistan from 450 MW to 300 MW due to technical problems with its electricity systems. But 180 megawatts of i..... Read More