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Installation of 30 base transformers in Kabul for removing excess loads


DABS has been signed a contract to install 30 base transformers to reduce the overload of power networks and reduce the successive load shedding of power in Kabul.

The contract was signed between DABS and Abdul Rahim Salehzadah LMD.

The mentioned transformers in overload towers are installed in different parts of Kabul with a total capacity of 30,000 KVA.

The installation of these transformers will begin after the date of contract and will be delivery in two month next then practical work will start.

The project costs more than 30 million AFN, which is funded by the DABS development budget.

With the installation of these 30 base transformers, 137 overload transformer base would get Strengthen, and the problems of the capital will get reduce partially.

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