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Activity and effort


Ghazni Breshna is one of the second units of DABS, which Maidan Wardak province and cheeck district include in this unit.

Ghazni Breshna has 13 different diesel generators, with a total capacity of 10MW.

The first network of this department distributes 24 hours electricity in a day for their subscribers.

The second network of Ghazni Breshna distributes 7 hours electricity to its subscribers.

In the current year, the following performances have been made.

Replacing of 340 Meters bases in different areas of Ghazni

Miter checks has continue in all areas as every day, and all complicated Miters are also replaced.

Purchased 800 new meters.

Installation of two 200KV transformer bases in the Dar-e-Khushk and Aqab Saqafat Islami areas which benefited 321 families from electricity.

Burial of three storage, at 195,000 liters and installation of it.

Installing of 450 Concrete bases along the highway and suburbs.

Building of a tower inside the Diesel house for transformer with the capacity of 1 MWA from KEC Company.

In Ghazni province, about 6.3% and capital of Ghazni about 27% use from Government electricity.

The forecast plan of supply and networking for Ghazni in 1396.

The total capacity of the Ghazni substation is 30 MW, and this capacity will not be enough for Ghazni city in the future, need 30MW more.

It should be noted that two other substation in Qarabagh and Muqur district were also constructed.

Network modification and changing of analog to digital, in comparison with previous years (1395) and also 296 Miters has been converted from Analog to digital in the first 6 month of the 1396 year.

Determine of defaulter subscribers, who use power illegally.

The investigation of the networks was carried out continuously through the Ghazni Breshna team, but thankfully, there was no turbulent in the network.

The DABS always trying to provide, sustainable and equal energy to the people.