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Inauguration of three different capacities transformers in Parwan province


In Jabal Seraj and Bagram districts of Parwan province, three transformer bases was opened with the capacity of 63 KVA, 400 KVA and 630 KVA.

At the inauguration ceremony, Eng. Assem Assem Governor of Parwan Province, Eng. Abdul Matein Murad, the head of Parwan Breshna, the lawyers of the Provincial Security Council of Parwan Provincial Council and a number of old men of this province were participated.

The head of Parwan Breshna said: "Dear fellow countrymen, Breshna is facing to a shortage of energy, so please do not use high-energy appliances at peak times between 5 pm and 9 am and pay your power bills on time."

With the installation of this transformers, 1000 subscribers connected to the power in this province.

DABS is determined to clarify the home of every Afghan and to supply electricity to the far and near points of country with a good quality.