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Construction of the 1st solar power plant in Naglo


DABS has signed an agreement with ADB to build the first solar power plant in Naghloo, Surobi district of Kabul, with a capacity of 20MW, in order to expand the production and distribution of renewable energy in Afghanistan.

The commitment letter of this solar project was signed by Eng. Amanullah Ghalib, CEF of DABS, and Mr. Samuel Toumiwa, chief of Asian Development Bank (ADB), at the Presidential office, Palace of Delksha in present of Dr. Ashraf Ghani, the President of Afghanistan.

The project costs $ 44.76 million, which is funded by ADB's.

According to forecasts Afghanistan’s renewable energy resource potential is estimated to be over 300,000 MW, consisting of solar (222,849 MW), wind (66,726 MW), hydro (23,310 MW), and biomass (4,000 MW).

As a result of this project, the gap which is in providing of power in Kabul and Jalalabad provinces is getting fixes, and the sustainability of the northeast electricity is increasing. In addition, the project will increase the capacity of available substations, provide power transformers and other facilities, and provide maintenance services for 3 years. The project also paves the way for the inclusion of 10MW of additional solar power in the future.

In case of cooperation, additional financial funding and development by the development partners and the private sector, the capacity of the project will increase from 30 to 40MW of electricity in the future.

The project will generate at least 43,000 megawatt-hours of solar power and avoid at least 13,000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent in the first full year of operation.