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Nooruljahad substation of Herat is developing


DABS intends to expand the Nooruljahad substation of Herat province with the capacity of 220/110/20KV.

In this substation, two transformers each with the capacity of 40MVA, which totally reaches to 80 MWA, have activity, and planned that in near future install two new other transformers in the 220KV network, with the capacity of 50MVA which totally reaches to 180 MVA, will upgrade.

By installing of these transformers, the capacity of power energy will be effective in terms of quantity and quality in the central and districts of Herat province.

The mentioned project costs $ 8,489,638 which is funded from the DABS financial budget.

With the development of the Nuruljahad substation of Herat province, Continuous electricity will be provide to 30,000 new subscribers, including of Adrscan and Shindand districts.