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Learn more about Smart Miters


 Smart miters is a digital miters which installs at homes or offices to monitor and measure the amount of power consumed accurately.

Smart miters are two-way digital communication tools that record power consumption every 30 minutes and automatically send these data to distribution companies several times in a day.

Whenever smart miter connects to the Internet or home’s monitor, the registered information by smart miter can detect and monitor the power consumption of the home which used, to decide how and when to use home appliances, to have savings in using of power energy.

Smart Miters is sending the miter number directly to the electricity company

And it is no longer necessary for the company's agent to come to your house and read your miter

This is not only for reducing the costs, but the power bills are also more accurate and almost remove the power bills which is based on the estimate of power consumption.

Also, subscribers who have smart miters have no need to wait for the next turn of the miter to be read by the company's electrician when discounting power,  switching power and converting the power company.