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The benefits of digital miters than the analogue


Know more:

Digital miters have high accuracy and reliability in measuring the power or kilowatts than dialogue meter.

These miters have the capability to measure electrical parameters at the same time Such as flow, voltage, frequency, display of the power of the phases, evaluation and measurement of the extreme consumption during 24 hours, the ability to adjust the electricity sales to kilowatts at specified times, display all necessary information and parameters on the page or on the screen.

Digital miters also have the following benefits:

Getting accurate and without violating kilowatts and etc. Information provide by a computer system that avoids spelling mistakes, eye visions of the officer for the Consideration of the miter and the mistakes which makes.

Has strong memory for storing and maintaining the information for a long time

No impact on external factors such as high radio frequency, telecommunication frequency, high voltages, constant and alternating magnetic field and etc. High accuracy miters.

No ability to manipulate the miter.

It has very little internal energy consumption.

By using of digital miters, we cut down on our electricity consumption, so that we can have a better economy.