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Surubi Power Dam


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The Surobi power dam 25 kilometers is far away from the Panjshir Sea and in Kabul Sea get together, established at a height of 1596M from the sea level.

In the past, this machine had two turbines, each of that had capacity of 1,100 kilowatts of electricity and total production of them reaches to 2200 kilowatts. Surubi dam has two important point:

Firstly, the center of Kabul and industrial centers are close to it, and the Kabul duct is located in the TANGA ABRISHAMand, has much slope and length, which can withstand the natural situation, suppress each meter of slope. And so, maybe used from the existing dam to operate the second, third, and fourth devices, which means that the lower parts are constructed so that they can flow to the second and third channels without going down into the sea, by constructing the second and third channels the water is flowing to the turbines and these devices is getting activate.