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The contract of five important projects with the worth of 251.2 million AFN


Tuesday, 9th of Jan, 2018, Kabul, Afghanistan

 The chief executive officer of DABS has been sign the five contracts with the heads of four different companies, with the total worth of 251.2 million AFN.

In these projects, contract for the supply of transformers, drywall switches, various equipment for construction of power supplies, procurement of 10 raw materials for the production of 4,900 concrete bases of various steel constructions and the project of 10 pieces of safety equipment necessary for the Kabul Breshna are including.

Eng. Amanullah Ghalib, chief executive officer of DABS, singed the contract with the head of Abdul Rahim Salehzadeh Lmt, with the value of (96778320) Afghani, contract for the procurement of transformers, and Farhad Farzad Lmt, a business partner, the contract of drywall switches with the worth of 20, 400,000 Afghani

The third project, the third series, is the provision of various equipment for the construction of power supplies by Farhad Farzad Lmt Company with the value of (78,888,888) Afghani, which all the three projects will be complete in six months according to the contract.

Also, the fourth project is the procurement of 10 raw materials for the production of 4,900 of concrete bases of steel constructions in various size by Sayqa Energy Supply and construction Co., at a cost of (48,646,300) Afghani, which will be paid during the next three months after the conclusion of the contract the project will be complete.

The fifth project is ( 6,558,500) Afghani, procurement and provision of 10 security equipment required for the Kabul Breshna from the company of Babrak Bilal Lmt, which the mentioned project’s equipment will be provide in two months.

It should be noted that, the money of the mentioned projects will be paid from the budget of DABS.