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The North Substation of Kabul


The northern substation in the northern area of Kabul is adjacent to the 80-meter road of airport (Timany).

This substation was launched on December 27, 1985, with the assistance of the Democratic country of Germany, and its improvement was made in 2009.

The mentioned substation has four transformer bases 110/15 KV with the capacities of 150MVA, by 21 volt output line, voltages of 15 KV which is related to the third district of Khairkhana, Khuwaja bughra khairkhana, the Second Junction, the Fifth Junction, The twelfth junction, Timani area, the drug directorate, Bibi Mahro and Wazir Abad areas has been covered under the electrification.

This substation on its own administration has: one head, nine shaft workers, one person cashiers, two people cleaners and one gardener.