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The Inauguration of 220 KV Arghandi– Paktia Transmission Line


The transmission line of imported electricity of 220 KV Arghandi – Paktia will get open soon.

The construction of this line was began in 2014 and was completed in 2017 year.
The transmission line of imported power of 220 KV Arghandi_Paktia project, with two separate contracts through the Ministry of Energy and Water which is monitored by the fowling companies.
1: The 220-KV Arghandi-Logar transmission line project lasts 71.6 Kilometers line and installs 246 power base.
Also, the construction of 220KV substation with the capacity of 32MWA is include in it, which the practical work of both parts are going ahead by the (ACI = Assist Consultants Inc.) company.
The extension of the imported electricity line has been completed and the work of the Logar substation has continues, and the contractor's statement, the logar's substation, will be completed in the near future then will put into operation.
2: The transmission line project and construction of 220 KV Logar – Paktia substation, 65 kilometers long, 213 bases, and the construction of 220 KV substation, with the capacity of 32 MWA, whose practical work was carried out through the (ZNCC = zawakman Nabzi) company, was completed and the mentioned substation will get power.
With the inauguration of 220 KV of the Gardiz city, (2500) subscribers will connects to the new imported electricity.
Also, the construction work of distribution networks for the 13000 new subscribers in the Paktia province is also under process, which with the completion it, the above subscribers will benefit from the provided electricity.