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Extension of Iran's Imported Electricity Contract to Herat


The contract for imported electricity from the Islamic Republic of Iran for the province of Herat will be extend soon.

The high-ranking government delegation went to Iran to extend the Iran's imported electricity to Herat province.
During this visit, Mohammad Agha Kohhestani, Deputy Minister of Finance Ministry, Eng. Mohammad Gul Khalimi, Deputy Minister of the Energy and water Ministry, and Eng. Amanullah Ghalib, Chief Executive Officer of DABS, along with Mohammad Elias Samadi, head of the financial and administrative department of Breshna, gone to the Islamic Republic of Iran, and scheduled to discuss with Iran's counterparts board the TANWER Power Company for an additional two days to extend the contract and finalize the electricity purchase tariffs in the year 2018 for the Herat province of Afghanistan.