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30 MW Solar Power Plant Signed For Kandahar Province


DABS has been provided 30MW of solar power plant for Kandahar province with two different companies (77 Construction Company and Zularistan-Baywajv), in present of Excellency of Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and local elders of Kandahar province has been signed in presidential office.

The project costs $ 47.34 million, of which 46.47% is funded by the Afghan government and 25.34% from the investor's participation.
DABS has been purchasing the generated power of this project for 20 years then be delivered to Breshna as actively.
This electricity don’t have back up, It only generate power from day shift to the industry professionals and in case of remaining, the electricity will be distribute to the people of Kandahar province and the commercial areas of this province.
The basic price for solar energy is more than 12 Cents US, which DBAS is paying at 8.5 Cents US per KW, and the Afghan government considers the 6.5 Cents US per KW as subsidy to grow industry and to cooperate for industrial sector.
While in Kandahar province, 10MW of solar power will be inaugurated by H.E.Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and soon will put into operation.
The project will be effective for the growth of the economy, security, change and improvement in life and employment for the people of this region.