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Construction of the first solar power plant in Naghlo


Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat intends to build the first solar power plant in Naghlu Kabul, with the assistance of ADB.

The commitment letter of this solar project already has been signed by Aklil Hakimi the minister of finance ministry,Eng. Amanullah Ghalib, CEO of DABS, and Mr. Samuel Toumiwa, chief of Asian Development Bank (ADB), at the Presidential office, Palace of Delksha in present of H.E.Dr.Muhammad Ashraf Ghani, the President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
The mentioned project will start on first of March 2018 and on first of March 2020 will get end then practically will put into operation.
The project costs $ 44.76 million, which funded by ADB's grant.
The solar power plant will produce about 43,000 MW of solar electricity after activation during a year, preventing production of about 13,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year.
Upon the completion of Naghlo solar power plant, 20000 new subscribers will connect to the power energy.