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Casa-1000 is commercial corridor among Central Asia and South Asia


The Casa-1000 (Central Asian and South Asian Electricity Transmission and Sales Project) is about to reach the point where the physical infrastructure begins.

This week, the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources of Tajikistan announced that "this year, the implementation of the physical part of the Casa-1000 Project will start in all participating countries.”
In Tajikistan, a 1,300MW converter station will be construct in the Sangtuda area, but so far no company has been selected for this purpose, but the proposals are expecting to be adopted in March.
In December, DABS, provided three major contracts with the worth of $ 235 million with two Indian companies to build electricity transmission lines from the Tajikistan border to Pakistan through 23 settlements in seven provinces (Kunduz, Baghlan, Panjshir Kapisa, Kabul, Laghman and Nangarhar), has been signed. Kalpa Power Transmission Company, won one of the contracts with the worth of $ 76 million, and the KIC has signed two contracts with the worth of $ 84 million and $ 72 million. Based on these contracts, more than 500 KM of 500 KM transmission line will be built in Afghanistan, which will transfer electricity from Tajikistan and Qerghizistan through Afghanistan to Pakistan.
The World Bank, one of the Casa-1000’s financial supporters. It seems that according to the latest status of the implementation and reporting of the results of this project, which was published in December, has hopes: “The implementation of this project is well underway and the speed it’s been good in the last seven months. Participating countries have completed all major project contracts that are in the final stages. The contracts for the construction of a power line for Afghanistan were signed in Kabul on December 11, 2017.”
With the assignment of contracts in Afghanistan, it is expected that some financial, executive, and appropriation budgets will start according to the status of the future. The Casa-1000 project has reached on a point where the main infrastructure needs to be built for the parties to reach for the reasonable progress of the project.
Tajik Minister of Energy and Water Resources: "Casa-1000" will be operational this year
Tajikistan's Minister of Energy and Water Resources said the implementation of the "Casa-1000" project in all the countries associated with it, will begin this year.
"The implementation of the Casa-1000 project in all participating countries will begin this year," Tajikistan’s Minister of Energy and Water Resources Osmon Ali Osmanzada said at a meeting.
According to the Tajik Ministry of Energy and Water Resources, Tajikistan and Pakistan are planning to build energy conversion stations in the first stage.
The energy converter station in Tajikistan will be located in the "Sangtuda" area.
The tender is complete and the World Bank is the main sponsor of this project.
The official opening ceremony of the Casa-1000 Project was held on May 11, 2016 in the city of Torsonzadeh of Tajikistan.
Within the framework of this project, 500-KW energy transmission line, 477 KW length, will be constructe from "Datka” station of Qerghizistan to Khejind of Tajikistan.