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TAPI -TAP: Regional Economic Cooperation Corridor


TAP 500 KV Power Project (Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan) is one of the most important regional energy projects in the energy sector. The memorandum of the project signed in December 2015 between Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The project aims to transfer electricity from Turkmenistan to Pakistan through Afghanistan.
One of the big TAPI’s sections, is the 500KW electricity project in Afghanistan, Which began from the secondary-station of the region (Mari) in Turkmenistan started and from Turghundi port to Herat province and after crossing the provinces of Farah, Nimroz, Helmand and Kandahar, that is from the same path of the pipelines transfer to Pakistan.
Through this project, Afghanistan can connect to the regional power grid and, at the same time, complete the internal high voltage circular grid, Afghanistan will be able to use the power of this project in the future in the provinces that are located in this direction.
The TAP project, along with the TAPI project, will play an important role in addressing the problem of energy shortages in South Asia.
It should be noted that the TAP project will lead to economic, industrial and agricultural growth in the member states, in addition to the project, indeed it will be transit revenues for Afghanistan.