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NPA Approved 12 Contracts, Include Dushi_Bamyan


National procurement authority, meeting under the supervision of President Mohammad Ghani was held. He signed 12 contracts at valued 7.3 milliard AFNs, which included major projects for extending the energy to Bamyan.

Contract of 220 KV power transmission line of Dushi_ Bamyan and supply, install and assembl of 220 KV substation in the Bamyan_Dushi area.
- Contract for equipping, installing and assembling the Bamyan electricity distribution network.
During the discussion and awarding of electricity contracts to Bamyan province, the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan emphasized that the contractor company should have commitment to the completion of the project at a specified time of contract, there is no extension of the project's time and would not be acceptable as a result of the delay.
He also directed the Breshna authorities to inform the project sponsor (ADB), while at the same time DABS is obliged to do control and monitor.
The national procurement authority decided on a proposal for the purchase of a DABS fuel for the activation of the thermal power plant of Tara Khil, so that DABS will contract fuel companies, and the company can go through country by country fuel contract negotiation with Turkmenistan.
The meeting was attended by Mohammad Sarwar Danesh, second deputy president, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah chief executive officer, finance, economics and justice ministries, national and international observers, including the Parliamentary coalition for combating corruption, Afghan transparency watch, the national commissions for finance and budget, and national economy of Wolesi Jirga, representing the United States special general inspector for Afghanistan reconstruction (Cigar) and cystic strong support.