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Extension of Tajikistan's power by transmission line of Uzbekistan and reducing of Iran's power cost


Eng. Amanullah Ghalib visited of Uzbekistan with his delegation team in aim to reconnect Tajikistan’s power again.

Tajikistan imported electricity from Kunduz to Baghlan with technical problems is supposed to be connected to the Uzbekistan's imported electricity to Kabul, which agreement reached upon between the two countries and as soon as possible, the Tajik power line will be extended to Kabul.
During the trip, he also visited of Iran for due to increase in tariffs every year in Nimroz and Herat provinces, with the great efforts of Afghanistan delegation power, this time the price of Iran electricity purchases decreased by 20% from the original price, and it is planned to visit Kabul in the near future of the energy sector of Iran, and formally signed a memorandum of understanding about the reduction of electricity.
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