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Takhar Solar Power Plant Inauguration


In Chaal district of Takhar province, 200 KV solar power plant was inaugurated and put into operation by Takhar governor and head of Takhar Breshna.

At the inauguration ceremony, Takhar governor, Head of Takhar Breshna, head of GIZ institute, Takhar provincial council representative, elders of the district and number of Takhar breshna’s staff were participated.
At the first, Governor of Takhar province, thanked from Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat and GIZ for the cooperation then called solar power plant in the Chaal district of Takhar Province is a good step for the people of district and calling on the people of area, to be diligent in protect of this device.
Then, chief of Takhar Breshna thanked from GIZ institute and talked on technical equipment, machine power and number of consumers as well as he reminded the problems of people in power section.
In recent, Mr. Thomas Fidiker, deputy of development and economic cooperation ministry of Germany for Afghanistan and Pakistan, spoke of goodwill and cooperation were considered as one of the common denominators of the religion and promise of activity in other areas of development.