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18000 Subscribers Connected to Electricity in Balkh Province


His Excellency Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, opened two electricity projects in Khulm and Marmal districts of Balkh province during a special ceremony.

At the opening ceremony, a number of ministers, members of national council, members of Balkh Provincial Council, chief executive officer of DABS, elder of the district and a number of DABS staff were participated.
With the opening of two electricity projects, in Khulm and Marmal districts of Balkh, worth of 7.6 million Euro, 18000 subscribers benefited of electricity.
The first project was the opening of 220/20 KV substation in the southwest of Khulm district of Balkh province, by the opening of it, 16000 subscribers connected to electricity and will be expanded with the development and installation of new transformers in the future..
In this substation,16 MWA transformer base with the system of 220/20 KV, three cell of 220 KV system and 8 cell of 20 KV system with defense systems, telecommunication system, SCADA, two transformer bases, each 400 KVA and 200KW generator in order to provide power, when needed and other essential equipment has installed.
Also in Marmal district of Balkh Province, about 30 km far from Mazar-e-Sharif, new electrification project of 0.41 / 20 Marmal was also launched, with the opening it, two thousand subscribers has connected to electricity.
In this power network, 8 transformer bases of 250 KVA to 0.4 / 20 kV system, extension of 20 kV aerial line with length of 3.3 KM, and extension of low voltage network of 0.4 kV, with length 9 km, and the necessary equipment installed.
The above projects have been implemented over four years and cost Euro 7.6 million, funded by the German Government Grants Program (BMZ) by the German Development Bank (KFW).
It should be reminded, 220/20 kV Khulm substation project by Siemens Company and 0.4 / 20 Marmal electrification project by AEPC and Gammon India have been implemented and monitoring was by Fechner German company.