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Balkh Breshna authorities get review and evaluation


Chief executive officer of Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat participated in the visit, accompanied by the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, his excellency Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, members of the cabinet and national council in Balkh province, after opening of Khulm substation and distribution network of Marmal districts network in Balkh province, with the chairman and staff Balkh Breshna also met and talked.

The main purpose of this review was to address the challenges and problems of Balkh Breshna’s staff.
Eng. Amanullah, chief executive officer of DABS, with employees of Nayab Abad substation and engineers of Khulm substation, met and discussed the issues, heard about their problems, directed to the relevant authorities on improving their daily operations and electrification services
Mr. Ghalib, financial and administrative chief, Mr. Mohammad Ilyas Samadi, talked on their annual activities and presented the necessary guidelines to expedite their work with the employees and engineers of Balkh Breshna.
Mr. Ghalib directed to operational, commercial, financial and administrative sectors, he has taken steps to take effective steps in collecting of tariff, providing high quality energy and reducing commercial and operational waste.