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Introduction of New Acting Head of Kabul Breshna


Based on the education, work experience, competency and decision of DABS’s board, Engineer Ahad Barakzai was appointed as the new acting head of Kabul Breshna and officially introduced to the staff of Breshna.

During the introduction ceremony, Eng. Amanullah Ghalib, CEO of DABS, introduced Engineer Ahad Barakzai as the new head of Kabul Breshna and Engineer Khan Mir as acting deputy operations for DABS.

Breshna’s Leadership Board, directors, managers and a number of Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherakat (DABS) employees were attended the introduction ceremony.

Besides expressing gratitude from the ex-chairman of Kabul breshna Mr. Ghalib wished further successes to the new acting head of Kabul Breshna.

He also urged the new leadership of Kabul Breshna to bring about positive changes in the areas of electricity loss reduction, collecting revenues and reforms.

At the same time, newly appointed acting head of Kabul Breshna, Mr. Ahad Barakzai committed that he will do his best in providing better electricity services, collecting revenues and reducing electricity loss.

Beside regulating and administering the production, transfer and distribution of electricity, Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) has the responsibility to manage commercial, operational and administration affairs of DABS and as well as protect electricity assets.