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Monitoring and review from the general gathering of Balkh


Mohammad Nasim Ganji, Chief of Balkh Breshna and Sayed Ruhollah Rouhani, Commercial Deputy and a number of Commercial Managers in various areas of Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh province, monitored the work of working groups responsible for the general gathering and the process of cutting down the electricity of borrower’s subscribers.

The purpose of this monitoring is to raise funds from borrowers who have not paid their electricity in two or more than two periods, and their electricity flow will be cut off and legal action will be taken against of them.
The people who use electricity illegally, or those who are debtor more than two periods, their power lines will be cut off, said Mr. Ganji, for each of the combined groups.
In the event of violation, the electricity supply of the customers will not be interrupted, and their names will be introduced to the justice and judicial organs with through media.
This is to be continued and monitored, so the borrowers should pay off their money as soon as possible. Because the borrowers of power are a big obstacle to providing of lasting and high quality electricity.