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Revenue Collection in Kabul


The seven-day campaign of power cut off in various parts of Kabul city to collect income from large and small borrowers who did not pay their electricity money more than two period, has ended.

In this campaign, Kabul Breshna’s working team, cut off the power line of more than 1,000 subscribers.
The team also managed to receive more than 50 million AFN from its borrower’s subscribers within one week.
In the campaign, the power line of large and small subscribers, who were debtor more than one hundred Afghani, warlord people and those are used on metered connection.
This process was divided into three categories within one week, which includes the first, fourth and seventh junction of Kabul.
Kabul Breshna is determined to collect its electricity money from the borrowers, and the process will be restarted in the next week.
The authorities of Kabul Breshna has informed the subscribers who are debtor of this department immediately should deliver their electricity money to the bank, in order to prevent power cut off and to maintain electricity.