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Parwan breshna CEO met with Daikundi’s Govorner


Eng. Mohammad Nasser Ahmadi, chief of Parwan Breshna with his technical delegation visited Daikundi province and met with Eng. Mahmood Balegh, governor of Daikondi.

During the meeting, Mr. Ahmadi discussed on electricity plans.
Eng. Nasser Ahmadi informed the governor of Daikundi about the completion of the work of Sokhtak power dam manufacturing factory, and also provided information to the governor of Daikundi and meanwhile, from the start of the transfer line from the Sokhtak factory to the Nili city provided detailed information.
About the contracting of Nili network and the solar network design, he provided sufficient information to Dikundi's governor.
Then Eng. Balegh, announced his support for electrification plans to the Daikundi province, and also they requested that a survey and technical studies of the imported line should be launched in Daikundi from DABS side.
Meanwhile, Eng. Mahmood Balegh, governor of Daikundi province, with Eng. Mohammad Nasser Ahmadi, chief of Parwan Breshna, visited from the Daikundi Breshna staff, to solve their problems, and he was ordered responsible department to have action for solving the problems.