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Kapisa Three Electrification Projects Inauguration


8 August 2018

H.E Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, inaugurated three electrification projects in Gulbahar and Kohistan districts of Kapisa province during a special ceremony.
In these projects, extension of 220 KV transmission line from Pushta-e Surkh up to Gulbahar, 220/20 KV Gulbahar’s substation and 110 KV transmission line from Gulbahar’s substation up to Ahmad Bek hill are included. Total cost of the projects is about $ 65.8 million, which has been funded by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.
The total capacity of Gulbahar substation are two transformer (220/110 KV, 160X2 MWA), which are related to Panjshir province and Tagab and Nijrab districts. Two other distribution transformers are (220/20 KV, 16X2 MWA), which covers some parts of Kapisa and Parwan provinces, and as well one circuit is currently under planning which will be extended to Panjshir province,
Kapisa Breshna is now in charge of providing electricity to 11100 subscribers, with more than thirty thousand (30,000) new subscribers benefiting from the aforementioned projects, in addition to the residential subscribers, the field of activity is also suitable for industry professionals and commercial areas. The mentioned substation is also connected to the imported line with Naghlo manufacturing plant, and if the imported line comes into complication, Naghlo's power plant can supply it. Meanwhile, this substation, in addition to Kapisa province, it provides electricity to Parwan, Panjshir, and Nangarhar provinces as well.
DABS is determined to speed up the utilization of electricity throughout the province of Kapisa by using the existing opportunities. With the activation of this subsection, the facility will be extended to 30 semi-finished projects which currently is available in Kapisa province, the project will be completed within the next two years.
At the inauguration of these projects, a number of ministers, a number of members of national council and members of the Kapisa’s provincial council, CEO of DABS, elders of district and a number of DABS employees were participated.