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DABS Held Gender Training Seminar for Employees


September 4, 2018
Human Resources Directorate of DABS, in partnership with the World Bank, hosted seminar on gender issues at the Breshna conference hall, Chaman Hozouri.
In this one-day seminar, Human Resources Directorate of DABS, Qudratullah Karimi, DABS capacity building Manager, Ahmad Nassir Nassir, World Bank gender equality director in Breshna, Zohra Hakim, World Bank project director, Hazrat Shah Hamidi, with a large number of Breshna’s employees were participated.
Chief of DABS human resources called the launch of such seminars in raising the level of awareness and said: "DABS has been working to recruit more women in different sectors by implementing new programs.”
Meanwhile, World Bank Gender Equality Head in Breshna, Zohra Hakim, called for an increase in women's participation in the energy sector and saying:
“We want DABS to step up efforts to attract female cadres in the energy sector to help women serve in the energy sector.”
In this seminar, most of information was provided on gender equality, especially the role of women and men in the implementation of gender issues.
Before this, DABS had organized training seminars for its employees in the provincial center.