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Joint meeting of DABS Leadership with Domestic Electrical Equipment Producer


DABS leadership today held a meeting with domestic electrical equipment producers at the conference hall of DABS, Chaman Hozori.

The meeting was attended by CEO of DABS, Eng. Aman Ghalib, DABS procurement chief, Siyamak Ghaffari, DABS Economic Advisor, wahidullah Popalzai, Breshna, Chief of national union of industrialists, Shirbaz Kaminzadah, and a large number of other industrialists were participated.
CEO of DABS, partnered the new plans of company with industry professionals in purchasing electrical equipment from domestic and foreign producers.
Referring to the forgery of a number of domestic electric equipment companies in the past, He stressed that, if after these internal producers did not produce the electric equipment equal to the criteria and the appropriate rate, DASB will purchase the equipment needed from foreign countries.
Mr. Ghalib said: " DABS prefers to buy the high-quality electrical equipment from domestic producer in the first step, along with it, the purchase of electrical equipment from the countries of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, India and Iran are our plan, DABS will need $ 4 milliard worth of electrical equipment over the next five years.”
Meanwhile, Chief of national union of industrialists, Shirbaz Kaminzadah, welcomed DABS plans for the purchase of domestic electrical equipment, saying that: will take action on counterfeiting companies and non-standard measures. "This is an important opportunity for generators of electrical equipment, The government and the national union of industrialists will not allow the production of electrical equipment to be harmed by other producers as a result of forgery. " he told to the electrical equipment industry.
At the end of meeting, DABS leadership called on domestic electric equipment to host a conference on the procurement map with the participation of manufacturing companies, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, India and Iran on 15 and 16 of current month in Dubai.