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DABS CEO Met Governor of Badghis


Eng. Amanullah Ghalib, chief executive officer of DABS, met Governor of Badghis Province, Abdul Ghafoor Malekzai at his office.
At the meeting, governor of Badghis from DABS CEO, called for the start of electrification service in 21 villages of Badghis province, which the project was opened three months ago by the former Minister of Energy and Water, but its practical work has not started so far.
Eng. Ghalib expressed his gratitude from the working of Mr. Malekzai for the people of Badghis province and said in relation to the following project: "The electricity project for 21 villages in Badghis province belonged to the Ministry of Energy and Water, and so far Breshna is not responsible for it.
Also while a telephone call with the head of monitoring and implementation of the projects of the Ministry of Energy and Water, called for a joint meeting between the Governor of Badghis, elders of province and officials of Ministry of Energy and Water.
Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat is required to transfer electricity home to home in accordance to the company’s policy.