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Hundreds of Millions of Electricity Debts of the Defense and Interior Ministries and its Delay Factors


DABS Commercial Chief at a meeting with the CSTC-A representative spoke in detail on the non-payment and delay of hundreds of millions of Afghani electricity debts from the Ministry of National Defense and Interior Affairs.
The Official Letters of paying hundreds of millions of Afghanis for electricity consumption are on the desks of the Ministers of the National Defense and Interior Ministries, but unfortunately have not been passed yet.
The important points discussed at DABS and CSTC-A’s meeting were focused on non-payment of electricity bills by the ministries and failure to implement the agreement.
“According to the agreement with the Ministries of Defense and Interior, the electricity consumption payment should pay three periods in advance before the consumption, but the aforementioned ministries did not pay their electricity consumption payment more than six periods which is about hundreds of millions of Afghanis.” Said DABS CCO.
Mr. Stanakzai also said that the mentioned ministries and other DABS customers must pay their electricity consumption payment on time, in order for DABS to pay the price of electricity being imported from neighboring countries in a timely manner.
Representative of CSTC-A, General Maria, in her speech, said that the issue of non-payment of hundreds of millions of Afghani will be seriously pursued and the reason of its payment delays also will be checked by the Ministry of National Defense and Interior Ministry, electricity payment will be provided to DABS in coordination and cooperation with the abovementioned ministries.
It is worth mentioning that National Defense and Interior Ministries should pay their electricity consumption in advance, basis on the consumption of past periods and in accordance with the agreement with CSTC-A and mentioned ministries, they must pay their three period electricity consumption payment in advance.