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Kick Off Meeting with RAP Consultancy Firm


On December 22nd 2018, CASA-1000 Project’s Management held a kick off meeting with consultancy firm for the implementation of Resettlement Action Plan (RAP).
During the kick off meeting the relevant authorities of RAP consultancy firm (IDC JV TAWHID) discussed their action plan and provided information to CASA-1000’s team regarding their methodology and activities and asked CASA-Team to support them during field work.
As part of CASA-1000 project, the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) would be implemented along the route of CASA-1000 aimed at collecting of data about the private properties and households.
It is to be noted that, Mr. Shekeeb Ahmad Nisar, Senior Technical Advisor to Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat was also attended the kick off meeting.