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Signing the Contracts for Four Key Electricity Projects


December 26, 2018
Eng. Amanullah Ghalib, Chief Executive Officer of DABS, signed the contracts with four different companies for the procurement of transformers, Raw materials for the manufacture of metal foundations, wires, cables and special electrical equipment required by DABS.
The first project includes the procurement of 60 Kabul Transformers, which was contracted at a cost of AFN (29,101,508) with the Naween Sima Company.
The above transformers will help complete the work of 60 semi-finished towers, which about 15,000 new customers will benefit electricity from development plan.
The second project includes provision of wires and cables with the value of AFN (54,328,588) which the contract was signed with Hamkar producer of wires and cable.
The third project, signed between DABS and Tolo Khurshid Engineering Electricity Service, includes the procurement of special electrical equipment required by DABS to reduce electricity losses and power supply stabilization in Kabul which cost AFN (7,449,900).
The financial cost of all three above-mentioned projects is funded by Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) the practical work will begin after the contracts are signed and will be completed by next three months.
The fourth project contains providing 7 raw materials for the production of 575 metal bases for 15 Transformers Substation in the Mirbach Kot district, worth 12,000,000 AFN which the contract was signed with Champion Logistic Company, with the completion of its work, 3750 customers will benefit from electricity.
The project is funded by DABS, which will begin work on the above project after the contract is signed and will be completed by the next two months.