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DABS CEO Meets Helmand Governor


Eng. Amanullah Ghalib, Chief Executive Officer of DABS, met in his office with Mr. Mohammad Yassin, Governor of Helmand.
During the meeting, Governor of Helmand discussed a number of issues related to electricity services, construction of a substation in the Greshk district, creation of 15 MW of solar power plant in Helmand, repairing of generators, decreasing the Helmand electricity tariffs and cooperation of the contractor company.
Mr. Ghalib said that DABS has always been trying to provide electricity to the people of Afghanistan.
The lack of electricity is due to lack of security in Helmand and he told to the governor of Helmand that a serious action would be taken by the responsible authorities of Breshna in repairing of Generators, he also said that if Helmand fell from the category of generator provinces, its electricity tariff also will come lower.
Mr. Ghalib added that the construction of solar power plant is related to the Ministry of Energy and Water, pointed out the establishment of a substation in Greshk district, he said that it is available in the district of Greshk with the capacity of 20 MW and in order to upgrade it, we will launch new solutions to the network development plan to benefits of more energy.
At the end, Mr. Ghalib asked the governor to cooperate with DABS in security division in order to enable to provide better and more efficient electricity services.