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DABS CEO Emphasized on Distribution of Balanced Electricity


During a meeting which was attended by Eng. Amanullah Ghalib, Chief Executive Officer of DABS, Eng. Abdul Ahad Barakzai, Chief of Kabul Breshna, Eng. Tamim Safi, Operational Deputy of Kabul Breshna, Eng. Haidar Sediqi, Head of National Energy Control Center, Press Officers, General Manager of Kabul Electricity Network and authorities of Junctions, 

The head of National Energy Control Center provided information on the amount of imported electricity, generative and thermal, as well as problems in the past few days and then Head of Kabul Breshna presented a plan to improve the electricity situation in Kabul and subsequently head of junctions discussed about existing problems especially the overload of some transformers.
At the end, Mr. Ghalib instructed to solve all problems in the supply of Kabul power as soon as possible, including the problem of overloading of transformers, with all possible efforts to reduce the power shortage for winter season and to distribute balanced electricity to the Kabul neighbors.