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Pamir Energy Tends to Invest in the Energy Sector of Badakhshan Province


Pamir Energy, as an investor in the energy sector of Badakhshan province, sees favorable investment opportunities, so for this purpose, Pamir Energy representatives, in a meeting with the Chief Executive Officer of DABS, have a keen interest in investing in the Badakhshan energy sector and developing it in the neighboring provinces. 

In this meeting, representatives of Pamir Energy discussed on development of electricity, Breshna’s facilities and production of hydro power plants in Badakhshan province and its development in the neighboring provinces, and also asked for the support of Breshna.
Appreciating the representatives of Pamir Energy, Mr. Ghalib presented comprehensive information regarding the investment opportunities in the energy sector and said that the DABS could be a supporter after sharing the plan with High Economic Council and the Ministry of Finance.
Under the law and the electricity policy, DABS welcomes and supports investment in the energy sector.