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DABS CEO Meets Ghazni Elders


Eng. Amanullah Ghalib, Chief Executive Officer of DABS, met with Nassir Faqiri, Head of Ghazni Provincial Council, Hamidullah Sarwari, Provincial Council Secretary of Ghazni and a number of representatives and elders of Ghazni province.

In this meeting, Ghazni Elders talked about the lack of electricity and electricity network in the city of Ghazni and its neighboring districts.

Mr. Ghalib provided information on the existing power of Ghazni province and said: "In Ghazni province the work is not stopped and we have sent all necessary equipment to this province."

He also provided information on the electricity budget of this province, the electricity plan for the solar year 1398 and he got the satisfaction of Ghazni‘s elders..

This is in a time that while Ghazni province was connected to imported electricity last year and electricity tariff in Ghazni was significantly reduced.

In Ghazni province, 11600 customers have access to electricity, during the year (1398), electricity will be extended to 3500 new families. The energy absorption capacity in the future for Ghazni people is to exceed more than the current figure and the capacity to absorb the power grid now reaches to 30MW.