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Signing Several Contracts for Electricity Projects and Coping with Electricity Robbers


Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat signed the contracts of 10 projects with different companies at total value of more than 348 million AFN.
In this conference, from among several contracts, three contracts, were signed by Eng. Amanullah Ghalib, Chief Executive Officer of DABS with representatives of the contracting companies at the presence of media.
The first project is spring and winter clothing for technical staff, cleaner ,drivers and security guards of DABS that the contract signed with Salim Nissar clothing company (for Afghan women) valued at AFN 30,183,040 this project is funded by DABS.
Two other projects that were contracted with Atlas Afrooz East Company and Naven Sima Company include installation of 20 / 0.4KV Distribution Networks in Chesht Sharif and Obi districts of Herat Province worth (111,927,982) Afghani, and installation of 20 / 0.4 KV Distribution Networks in Karukh and Pashtoon Zarghon districts of Herat province worth 75,061,326 Afghani, these two projects are funded by World Bank, and the duration of these projects is 9 months after its contract.
It is to be noted that, at the beginning of 1398 solar year, electric equipment was already contracted at the total value of more than one hundred and thirty one million AFN (131, 004, 310,).
Eng. Amanullah Ghalib, Chief Executive Officer of DABS, at the outset thanked the representatives of contractor companies and provides information on the current program to the media and said: “We are committed to complete and put to operation the thirteen (13) other projects by next month.”  He recalled the launch of Kandahar 15MW solar project, Panjshir power was connected to the national grid for the first time, the official announcement of the public and private partnership investment, Solar Roof Top and Solar Water Heaters Systems.
At the conference, Mr. Ghalib also stated: "We were able to reduce electricity tariffs in Ghor, Farah, Daikundi, Zabul and Oruzgan provinces by 30%, which is a good promote to Breshna and the people of the mentioned provinces.
DABS also start officially the campaign of disclosure the name of those people who used the electricity illegally or those who are bully and not giving the money of electricity.  
Da Afghanistan Breshna Company intends to launch the projects that are annexed to this press lease in the near future.