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Progress in the construction of 220kV Salang tunnel substation and 20kVnetwork


The construction of Salang tunnel 220kV substation and 20kV network project started on 18 of April 2017 and will be completed on 2nd of January 2020. 
Currently 75 percent of the project works are completed. With the successful completion of this project residents in Parwan, Salang and people who will use this route will benefit from electricity. 
This project will approximately cost around 20 million USD and is funded by United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The contract of this project was signed with Usluel and Omran as joint venture.
The Salang tunnel substation has two 220/20 kV transformers with a capacity of 4MVA, three distributive transformers with 20/400kV capacity and a small distribution network.