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DABS CEO Meets Deputy Governor of Balkh


Eng. Amanullah Ghalib, Chief Executive Officer of DABS, during a joint meeting, met at his office with Mr. Shujaudin Shuja, Deputy Governor of Balkh, representatives of the Afghanistan Land Authority - ARAZI, the Office of the Independent Local and the officials of Sheberghan-Mazar Transmission Line project.

At the meeting they discussed on the challenges of the implementation of Sheberghan-Mazar Transmission Line Project and the security problems that prevented the development of the project.

Mr. Ghalib called on the project team to present the challenges, in order to improve it, in cooperation with the deputy governor of Balkh, to find solutions and to accelerate it.

Based on this meeting, the challenges are being addressed and, in order to improve it, a delegation from Breshna will be sent with the corporation of deputy governor of Balkh to address the challenges in presence of deputy governor of Balkh.