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Thirty-fourth Central Asian Power System Coordination Meeting in Tajikistan


The thirty-fourth meeting of the Central Asian Electricity System Coordination and High Voltage Systems parallelization was held for two days in Tajikistan.
the meeting focused on the adopted regime of production and distribution of electricity, the parallelization of Central Asian power systems, the production of electricity factories and waste of electricity in high voltage systems, transmission and distribution of commonwealth countries (CIS) through the CDC Board and All-round technical discussions.
Meanwhile, new agreements were also made regarding new standards and methods for electricity and the creation of greater transparency in the electricity trade and the installation of SKADA equipment in all Central Asian high voltage systems.
DABS participated in the meeting as observer and on behalf of Da Afghnaistan Breshna Sherkat, Eng. Abdul Wakil Nasseri, Chief operational Officer of DABS, was participated.
Monitoring and reviewing Central Asian power systems, DABS has implemented 98.8 percent of the estimated plans for imported electricity, which has been praised and by completing the 500 KV transmission line project and Dasht-e- Alwan substation, DABS will officially become a member of CDC.
If the networks of these three countries are interconnected, DABS can obtain more and better electricity through existing transmission facilities.
At the end, the Breshna proposal for a parallelization of the three Central Asian countries that export electricity to Afghanistan has been confirmed.