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Inauguration of Electricity Projects in Boundary areas of Badakhshan Province


Prof. Mohammad Humayon Qayoumi, Acting Minister of Finance and their delegation, during a trip to the distant area of Mahmae (Darbaz), Badakhshan, have been opened several electricity projects in boundary areas of Badakhshan province which is bordered by Tajikistan.
The ceremony was attended by Eng. Mohammad Gul Khulmi, Acting Minister of the Ministry of Energy and Water, Eng. Amanullah Ghalib, Chief Executive Officer of DABS, Mr. Yama Yari, Minister of Transport and a number of heads and employees of government departments.
During this visit, about 17 villages from these districts were connected to power energy and put into operation by the Pamir Energy Company.
Pamir Energy has installed 19 transformer bases with the capacity of 1050 KVA in Mahmae (DarBaz) district, which benefits 656 families and 4592 customers from power energy.
It is to be noted that, with the installation of 9 transformer bases with a total capacity of 550 KVA, that supplies electricity for 430 families in Darbaz district of Badakhshan, the contract signed with Pamir Energy which is funded by Agha Khan Foundation.
By connecting of this network, about 89% of people in the villages of Ashkashim, Nessi, Mahmae (Darbaz) will be connected to power grids.
On the sidelines of this trip, the delegation visited from Pamir Energy substations, which provide energy for Sheghnan, Ashkasham, Mahmae and other boundary districts, meanwhile for more improvement, they shared their positive views with Pamir Energy.